Why Audi has become such a popular car
30 June 2016

Audi Badge
There’s no denying it: the number of Audi vehicles on the roads throughout the UK has increased exponentially during the past few years – but given that Audi has always been synonymous with luxury, many people are questioning just how the German engineering giant has taken over a large portion of the market share.
Well here’s precisely why…
Audi offer great products
It’s quite simple, really. A great product will always do well, regardless of the economic climate or how crowded the market is. Many Audi vehicles feature a lot of the classy touches we’ve come to love from luxury vehicles as standard, including heated seats, stylish interiors and Xenon/LED lighting to name but three. It’s easy to see why people opt for Audi every time.
Audi represents value for money
Audi vehicles generally have a low cost of ownership - in terms of fuel costs, depreciation of value, repair costs, taxes, general maintenance and insurance rates in comparison to other cars in their class. It’s worth remembering that many Audi cars share parts with VW, but that’s not to say that means there’s any decrease in quality. Shared parts make things easier, bringing replacement costs down when it comes to maintenance.
You can always rely on an Audi to get you there
There’s a reason why so many motorists will routinely check out a used Audi dealer in Surrey – the engineering speaks for itself, and unless you’re a particularly awful driver, there’s no reason why a used Audi can’t last you for years to come – even if you’re a rep putting in thousands of miles up and down the country’s motorways!
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