The benefits of selling your Audi to a dealer
31 August 2016

Used Audi Models

If you’re considering selling your Audi, you may be faced with the quandary of how and where to sell it. Thankfully, the Wheelbase process is quick and easy, and you can receive a quote in next to time with no obligation to sell – and you’ll be guaranteed a fair price.

Apart from the fact that you can expect a decent offer, there are a number of other benefits from selling to a dealer, which we’ll take a look at below:

1) Selling to a dealer is convenient

One of the main reasons people choose to sell to a dealer is the relative ease of the process. Dealers will typically make the transaction as simple as possible, which takes the headache out of selling your Audi.

2) You won’t be at the mercy of the markets

If you choose to sell your Audi to a dealer, you’ll be able to offload it immediately as opposed to having to contend with the peaks and troughs of the market (for example, it’s generally easier to sell a car between May and August, whereas January is the most difficult time to sell a car privately).

3) Dealers are fully accountable

Selling to a dealer ensures that you’re guaranteed a trustworthy transaction. Once a sale is agreed with a dealer there’s next to no chance of them backing out at the eleventh hour, and you’ll also be guaranteed to receive the full amount when you expect it.

4) You could trade in your Audi for a newer model

If you’re selling your Audi in order to upgrade to a newer model, chances are a dedicated dealership will be able to give you a better offer if you trade-in. Trade-ins are generally a good deal, especially if you’re making a new vehicle purchase on finance.

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