Buying a used Audi
24 September 2014

Black Audi

Audi has been one of the fastest-growing car manufacturers in the UK over the last few years, so if you’re thinking about buying a car from the great Audi range you can be sure you’re in good company. Here at Wheelbase, you’re guaranteed first-class service enabling you to find the model and the price that best meets your needs from the people who know Audi cars.

We don’t just specialise in new Audis, we can also offer you the perfect deal on used models; offering you all the assurance of first-class German engineering, all the innovation, all the prestige of the Audi brand at a price that won’t put too big a dent in your bank balance.

What should you look for in an Audi? The first thing to consider is what model you want. At Surrey’s leading Audi-dealer we have great deals on models ranging from the classic Polo and Golf, two of the UK’s bestselling cars with their “carry-all practicality”, to the iconic medium hatchback Golf Scirocco, described as an ‘“absolute steal” by What Car? 

Why do critics so consistently praise Audi? What is it that makes an Audi great and what can you expect from a used Audi 

here in Surrey? According to BBC’s Top Gear the Audi range offers a level of reliability that “not even the Japanese can match”. High praise indeed.

It’s not just what’s under the bonnet; it’s the quality of all the components and the attention to detail inside and out. An Audi isn’t just great to look at; it’s great to sit in. As one reviewer noted, VW and Audi made a move to create some of the best interiors in the business. It shows.

So come along and test drive a used Audi today. At Wheelbase we’ll help

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