Does your choice of car colour reflect your personality?
15 December 2016

cars for sale at xmas

When you are driving to see family this Christmas, have a go at counting how many yellow cars you see on the road. There won't be many. It can be interesting to ponder, when you do eventually spot a yellow car, what type of personality led to such a bold colour choice. If our clothes and homes reflect our personalities, then we can probably assume that our choice of car colour does too. Let's look at the AA's top three colour options:

Red cars

Red is obviously Santa's favourite colour. It has traditionally been the one that is associated with attention seeking, so people who choose red cars might be saying, 'look at me'. Like Santa, they certainly won't be shrinking violets trying to blend in with the crowd. Of course, it is possible that the red car purchaser is just Mr Forgetful, fed up with not being able to spot his car (or his sleigh) in the car park.

Blue cars

Blue is the colour of importance and royalty. Historians think that the Virgin Mary was so often painted wearing blue in nativity scenes because she was so important. Blue cars aren't as brash as red ones but lighter blue does suggest an element of fun and individualism. Blue is perhaps not surprisingly reported to be Britain's favourite colour and with so many shades available it is an excellent choice for someone who wants to be distinctive but not obvious.

Silver cars

There was a reason that those wise men found it so easy to follow that silver star. A study in New Zealand rather surprisingly found that silver cars were the least likely to have accidents. Silver is on the shiny side of grey so maybe it is the choice for people who are sensible but want just that little bit of glamour in their lives. A bit of silver goes well with a pinstriped suit so this is the ideal choice for the business person looking to impress in a sleek style.

Car colour choices may or may not reflect personality but remember that you will have to look at your car each time you get into it this Christmas. Choose a colour that you know you will enjoy for the whole season and for some time to come. If you're looking to buy a car over the Christmas period or in the new year, contact us at Wheelbase today.

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