The bonus on taking out finance on a used Volkswagen
14 October 2016

Car Finance

Buying any used car can make a significant dent in your bank balance, but Volkswagen car finance can be a cost-effective way of financing your next car purchase. So what are the benefits of taking out a car financing loan?

You can afford a better car

Instead of paying up front for an older car, you can finance a newer model. You'll save in the long run as a newer car will usually prove to be far less costly to maintain. In fact buying a brand new car may prove even more cost effective, with savings on costs thanks to greater fuel efficiency.

You can spread the cost

A car finance loan will allow you to make monthly payments that are within your budget. Depending on the type of agreement you enter in to, you can pay back the cost of the car over 12 to 60 months. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you have to pay and for how long.

Fixed interest rates

The APR of a bank loan may change over the life of the loan and, if interest rates go up, your monthly repayments will become more costly. With fixed rate Volkswagen car finance you can budget secure in the knowledge that the payments will remain the same until the end of the repayment period.

You can shop for the best deal

Car finance packages often come bundled with added extras that you won't find with a bank, like free petrol or insurance deals which are particularly beneficial to younger drivers. Shop around and find out who is offering the best added extras and how much difference they will make if it's not your preferred make and model of car.

Car finance gives you money in the bank, a new set of wheels and the freedom of the road - what more could you ask?

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