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12 April 2016

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Volkswagen revealed a new and updated vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show this year, which is set to launch in the UK this summer. The Volkswagen Up! will be a fun city car that packs a punch as the updated model will feature a turbo petrol engine. The 1.0-litre TSI will have a maximum top speed of 115 mph and go from 0 to 62 in around 10 seconds - making this Volkswagen one of the spiciest city cars around while still managing excellent mileage figures (owners of the new car can expect to get around 64.2 mpg).

 The Volkswagen Up! also features new and updated styling to the exterior, where features such as totally redesigned bumpers, LED daytime running lights and a rear diffuser have been added. Volkswagen have also added indicator lights to be within the door mirrors and they didn’t just stop at exterior redesign, as they have overhauled the interior - and not just aesthetically but also in terms of features such as an improved and increased smartphone integration system. This means you’ll be able to control elements of the interior environment, and the ‘infotainment’ system, from your smartphone.

 In further news, Volkswagen Polo fans can look forward to a beefed up Volkswagen SUV Polo that is expected to arrive in 2018. This addition to the Volkswagen range was also revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. The SUV model will most likely feature increased passenger space, especially at the rear, and an increase in boot size, making the Volkswagen Polo SUV a tempting option for drivers looking for a perfect family car. It’s unknown as of yet whether the SUV model will feature a hybrid option, and the pricing of the vehicle is expected to begin somewhere in the middle of the current Polo range.

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