Make room for a British icon
15 December 2014

Mini Cooper
Known throughout Surrey as a reliable source of quality used VWs and Audis, here at Wheelbase we’ve managed to surprise a few customers by admitting a stranger to our showroom. This is no unwelcome guest, however; no imposter or wannabe. This is a true British motoring icon that we couldn’t resist adding to our selection – a Mini. Icon is a much overused word these days, but the Mini is the genuine article, the real deal. 
The Mini first appeared for sale in 1959, but it was in the swinging sixties that it really burst on to the scene. The Mini was the ‘in’ car of choice for cool cats and chicks everywhere, from Carnaby Street to all over the UK. Just like the mini-skirt of the same era, the Mini was also small and eye-catching! Stylish, unique, different to any other car on the road, the Mini was a car of its time, an instant classic. Like other true classics, the Mini has changed but never gone out of fashion.
Thanks to the front wheel drive layout, the Mini had bags of room for such a small car. It really was a triumph of design and style, popular around the world. The Mini’s image would also be enhanced by its appearance in hit movies of the time such as ‘The Italian Job’, and from winning the Monte Carlo Rally. A Mini pick-up, a Mini van ( used by the AA in its unmistakeable yellow livery), and a Mini Clubman, a two door ‘estate’ with rear barn doors, were all produced over the years.
Today, Mini is owned by BMW, although to motorists the car will always be a British icon. In terms of looks, modern Minis can still be traced back to the original models, but in terms of spec, and technological development, they are worlds apart. One thing’s for sure, the Mini is still a great car to drive. If this has inspired you to try one for yourself then check out this Mini and you’ll see just what we’re so excited about!
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