Sell Us Your Audi
11 August 2015

sell your audi in hersham surrey

If you're looking for someone to buy your Audi car, consider Wheelbase; we'll purchase your vehicle for cash, or arrange a part exchange deal by covering the deposit towards your next car.

How does it work?

Fill out the form on our website, include details about your car, and wait for a member of the Wheelbase team to contact you about your vehicle. You'll have no obligation to sell to us, but with information about the make, model, age and condition of your car we'll provide an accurate valuation. It really couldn't be easier!

Why choose Wheelbase?

Our Audi specialists ensure that you're offered a very fair price for your vehicle. Private sellers will try to haggle or might not have the knowledge required to fully assess your vehicle, which could leave you at risk in future. We check your car over, in order to give you the right price and a fast sale so that you'll soon have your hands on the money. You can sell your car to us and finance whatever you want - if a part exchange isn't for you, why not use a bit of the cash for a family holiday, or buy a motorbike instead?

What can we offer that private buyers can't?

As well as having specialist knowledge of Audi vehicles, we're fully accountable and completely trustworthy. We're based in Hersham in Surrey, in a physical location that you can see for yourself. There is no risk of us backing out of a purchase at the last minute if we've agreed a price with you. When you sell our Audi to us you also don't need to wait around, posting adverts all over the internet and hoping for a response. For a quick sale to top up your bank balance, fill in our form and get started.

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