The A-Z of Audi
11 August 2015

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Relax - we’re not going to cover every single letter – it would be a dictionary rather than a blog – but let’s pick out a few that will help to tell us what we need to know about this notable Marque (that’s M covered already).

We wonder what A could stand for? Okay, that’s a given – it must be Audi itself, which means 'to listen' in Latin. W must be for Wheelbase ourselves and H for Hersham where we are based, in S for Surrey. From there we also serve the surrounding areas such as Weybridge, Esher and Cobham – another W and two more letters covered. S could also stand for Sportback, as What Car has commented that the: “Audi A5 Sportback looks great, almost as spacious as an A4 Saloon and offers added versatility”. That’s another S or two and our first V, although VW would need to be added to cover the link between the companies, and could allow us a sneaky G for Golf – another popular and quick-selling favourite of ours!

Whatever your choice of quality used Audi or other cars from our showroom, if you are looking for finance choices we can offer both Hire and Loan Purchase options – H, L and P scored off our mental list. If we also tick off R for Reliability, then we would mention both our terrific warranty options, plus the matchless servicing facilities and the wealth of experience we offer across the complete Audi and VW range. Indeed a third R could be a Recharge to keep your air-conditioning just as you'd like it to be. To find out more about these superb services, just click here:

We think that’s probably enough of a hunt round the alphabet for now. By our estimate fifteen letters accounted for in highlighting our current selection of superb quality used Audis (all for sale at less than £20K) and the wide range of back-up services we offer. There is one more letter and it’s a cheat – but we do think Simpson fans could imagine Montgomery Burns seeing the value we offer here, appreciating Audis for their stylish looks, high class cabins, superb engine quality and so much more, and then steepling his fingers and simply saying – “Xcellent”!

Any suggestions for Z would be welcome... All we can think of is Zenith - a point at which something is at its peak in terms of performance or success.

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