Audi TT - poise and performance
11 November 2014

Audi TT RS Coupe

For more than 15 years, the Audi TT has been a perpetually popular sports car on UK roads. Originally released in 1998, both coupés and roadsters still deliver fantastic style, impressive performance and great reliability, which is what you would expect from any used Audi. Whenever an Audi TT comes through the door at Wheelbase, the country’s leading VW and Audi dealer based in Surrey, it never sticks around for too long.

Upon its release, the original generation Audi TT turned several heads in the industry and went on to win numerous awards. With its smooth and sleek lines accompanied by a choice of gutsy power trains, the TT managed to perfectly fuse poise and performance. 

In 2006, Audi revealed the MK1’s successor, which had an aggressive look to it, with much sharper features and more angular styling. This car clearly meant business, as Audi introduced a turbocharged fuel stratified injection (TFSI) engine, which was derived from their Le Mans racing cars. In addition to better fuel economy, this drive train provided more power and cleaner emissions, making it ideal for everyday use and weekend drives.

Here at Wheelbase, a specialist VW and Audi dealer in Surrey, we believe this version of the TT delivers everything you could possibly want from a sports car, especially if it is from the manufacturer’s S line. These vehicles feature 18" five spoke alloys, sports seats and suspension, a paddle shift gearbox and countless styling details that make them stand out from other vehicles on the road.

So for those looking to buy a used Audi TT in Surrey, come and visit Wheelbase. Having been in the business since 1979, we have a wealth of experience to ensure every customer finds the ideal car to suit his or her needs, especially if it’s an Audi TT

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