VW Polo: A timeless classic
06 November 2014

Since it was originally introduced in 1975, the Volkswagen Polo has always been popular throughout the world. The car was originally based on the Audi 50, but since then has changed with models including estate, coupe, saloon and hatchback variants. Those looking to buy a used VW in Surrey often come to Wheelbase: the leading independent VW and Audi dealer in the county. Wheelbase is almost as old as the Polo itself, having been founded in 1979, giving the team a wealth of experience to help those looking to buy a used VW Polo. 

At Wheelbase, the Polo is a consistently popular Volkswagen model. While it is pretty simplistic in its design, it features a fantastic build quality, which means that it can last for years without any major problems. The engine choices in most VW Polo models are designed to be efficient - not just in terms of their MPG figures, but their CO2 emissions as well, which tend to be relatively low. 

You'll also find - particularly with newer models - that the suspension is soft enough to cope with bumpy roads, while the inside is more spacious than you would expect with a small car. The Polo is an easy and fun car to drive, with newer models having plenty of safety features and added functionality to create a great overall package.

When buying a VW, Surrey based Wheelbase should be your first port of call. Specialising in quality new and used VW and Audi vehicles, they have a great deal of expertise in selling the VW Polo - alongside other models - at a great price. With Wheelbase, you'll be able to find the perfect used VW Polo to suit your needs, with a range of different colours, years and styles available, all in great condition. For the perennially popular Polo, it's definitely the place to go

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