Winter tips for you and your Audi
11 November 2014

Audi in the snow

If you look after your used Audi this winter, it’ll look after you. It’s easy to get caught out in winter, even in Surrey! Suddenly the weather changes and driving conditions are a lot more challenging. Here’s a few basic maintenance tips that will help you to keep your used Audi in top shape this winter.

Before you do anything else, however, make sure your car is fully serviced. It’s always best to go to the experts for this. At Wheelbase, we’re a specialist Audi dealer in Surrey and our service department will have your vehicle properly prepped for winter in no time. 

Once your car’s serviced there are some key areas you need to monitor.

• Tyre pressure – check your Audi’s tyre pressure and make sure they’re properly inflated.

• Tread – tread gives you traction in wet or icy roads, make sure your tyres are well within the 1.6mm limit.

• Winter tyres – worth fitting for extra grip if you regularly drive on icy roads.

• Antifreeze – needs to be at the right concentration and renewed according to the manual.

• Screen wash – keep your screenwash topped up and at the correct concentration. Don't use washing-up liquid as it produces too much foam.

• Fuel – keep your tank half-full in case of lengthy delays or diversions.

Audis are among the safest cars on the road in all conditions, but any car will handle differently when the roads are wet or icy. Strong wind can also make the car feel different. In all cases, when conditions change, make sure you do everything that bit slower. In heavy fog, for instance, a good idea can be to turn off the radio and drive with the window down, as far as is comfortable. That way you deploy your sense of hearing when visibility is less than ideal.

If you’re looking for a used Audi in Surrey, we have a great selection to choose from at Wheelbase. We’re biased, of course, and would advise you to buy a used Audi at any time of year, but there’s no doubt that quality counts for a lot when it comes to reliability

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