REVO Tuning at Wheelbase

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The Perfect Balance...between technology and refinement. Revo Technik SPS. Revo Technik has set the standard for performance software advancements.

We asked our customers to forget what they thought was possible and think outside the box. We wanted to know what they wanted and not what they were expecting to get. Many of the requests were for a totally invisible way of remapping that would make it impossible to tell that the car had been modified, even if the ECU was removed and opened. Others wanted a free trial period to assist in their quest for the ultimate performance software.

Revo Technik Performance Tuning

Others suggested a fully operational tuning kit to allow the user to map their own car, and some suggested a security feature that would disable the car. But most just wanted the smoothest most powerful chip they could get. We listened and studied the associated problems and one by one solved each and every one of them.